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As A Service

Payments as a Service (PaaS), Banking as a Service (BaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Terminal as a Service (TaaS).

Blockchain & Crypto​

Blockchain solution, platforms, wallets, exchanges, POS acceptance, card solutions, blockchain and cryptocurrency com...

Card Payment Solutions

Card payments, card personalisation, EMV migration, loyalty, payment gateways, billing and merchant management, inter...


Secure transaction processing for all cards, interbank payments, E-commerce, Gateway and Gateway solutions for online...

Fraud Management

ATM, POS, internet and mobile payment fraud detection and prevention for banks, merchants, issuers and acquirers, ISO...

Identity / eID​

Biometrics, Personalisation and security for identity documents including passports, access and travel.

Open Banking​

Open Bankng platforms, Open Banking solutions, API’s, sandbox, compliance, payments, AISPs, PISPs, ASPSPs, TPPs, etc....

Payment Software Solutions

Payment products and technologies for acquiring, issuing, processing and retail including cards, e-commerce, NFC and ...


Card, Mobile, Contactless, Wireless and Bluetooth terminals for banks and merchants, Mobile Point of Sale (Mobile POS...


Financial Crime Management
with RiskShield

Fraud Management

In a world where digital transactions are increasingly shaping our everyday lives, fraud management has emerged as a critical bastion of security. The pioneering companies in this dynamic field are harnessing cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to safeguard our digital transactions, protecting businesses and consumers alike from the ever-evolving threats of cybercrime.

Nets is part of Nexi Group - the European PayTech
TSYS is part of Global Payments (NYSE: GPN), a leading payments technolo...
Group 28
RiskShield: Fighting Financial Crime with Hybrid AI

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