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Newland Payment Technology (Newland NPT) is a global leading provider of digital payment solutions . With a deep-rooted history of 30 years in the payment industry, Newland NPT employs over 1,100 individuals worldwide, collaborates with partners in over 100 countries, and has successfully deployed over 100 million terminals, thereby contributing its technological prowess to the global payment industry. Our primary focus is Enabling the digital transformation of commerce, powering the digital shift in the business world, and striving to realise the vision that Digital payment betters the world.

In line with the continuous advancement of our globalisation strategy, and to better serve the local market needs, we have persistently increased our investment in globalisation. This allowed us to establish subsidiaries in locations such as Hong Kong, Brazil, and Singapore, and to set up several business development service centres worldwide, continually enhancing our localised service capabilities. We offer a comprehensive business digitalisation suite, including hardware services, software services, and value-added services. With four industrial 4.0 intelligent production bases domestically and abroad, high investments in R&D, robust supply chain delivery, and a core competitive advantage in building full-scenario solutions, we have provided holistic services to over 240 global clients, extending the payment network across the globe.

Looking ahead, we will continue to uphold our core values of Simplicity, Openness, Altruism, and Introspection. Alongside our global ecosystem partners, we are dedicated to promoting the development of the digital economy, ensuring that everyone in the business society can enjoy the benefits brought by digital technology.

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July 21, 2023
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