Don’t be locked-down, locked-in or locked-out

Three red flags to look out for when selecting a modern payments platform

new white paper from Compass Plus Technologies argues that when it comes to payments platform modernisation strategies, there is a lot more to consider than just investing in newer technology.

Whilst the industry-wide call to modernise legacy payments platforms gains momentum, in this digital-first landscape, there is a lot more to consider than like-for-like replacements. Making the right decisions when upgrading matters as much, if not more than the decision to upgrade in itself.

The new white paper, Don’t be locked-down, locked-in or locked-outThree red flags to look out for when selecting a modern payments platform explains how easy it is to fall into familiar traps; whereby the technology and the technology partner can inadvertently stifle an FIs transformation strategy rather than enable and encourage it.

January 30, 2023
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